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Kevin Speaking to Over 10,000

Kevin Speaking to Over 10,000

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, speaks to over 10,000 people in Houston, Texas about how the government has “gone wild.” It is “on auto-pilot” and violates the principles it was founded on. Price is a nationally syndicated columnist, radio host, and publisher of a national news site (US Daily Review).

Another Promo Photo

Another Promo Photo

Getting ready to produce a Price Point Edition. Director makes a photo op out of it. Kevin Price, US Daily Review, Price of Business, nationally syndicated columnist.

Price Making a Point During Commentary

Price Making a Point During Commentary

Kevin Price makes a point during the production of his commentary. He is host of the Price of Business, publisher of US Daily Review, and a syndicated columnist.

PPE Through the Camera’s Eye

PPE Through the Camera's Eye

Producing the Price Point Edition, with Host Kevin Price, through the camera’s unique perspective. Kevin Price is also host of the Price of Business on Bloomberg’s Home in Houston (Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK) and is Publisher of US Daily Review.

Promo Photo for PPE

Promo Photo for PPE

Kevin Price, Promotional photo for Price Point Edition by EBC. Kevin Price is host of the Price of Business and Publisher of US Daily Review.

Price Vocal During PPE Taping

Price Vocal During PPE Taping

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business and Price Point Edition, makes a point during a taping. At Business Talk 1110 AM studios.

Director Aiping Prepares to Shoot another Price Point Edition

Director Aiping Prepares to Shoot another Price Point Edition

Kevin Price prepares with director, Aiping, to shoot another Price Point Edition. Kevin Price also hosts the Price of Business.

Producing a Price Point Edition

Producing a Price Point Edition

The Price Point Edition is a unique, multi-media program that focuses on major business and political stories. Hosted by award winning broadcast journalist, Kevin Price, it appears on websites that, combined, has audiences of over 30 million a month.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Kevin Price has recently scheduled two new speaking engagements in the next few months.

Kevin will be speaking at the Windsor Club, which is one of the oldest Networking Clubs in Houston, Texas.  He will be speaking on September 19th at 7:30 am. His topic will be “What the Changes in Media means to Business.”  

ImageAlso, on Thursday, November 14th, at 7.30 am, Kevin will be speaking at the Heights Chamber of Commerce in Houston, TX. You can learn more about the Chamber at

Kevin is a popular speaker that does dozens of presentations a year, with media as it relates to business being one of his hot topics, but he has many others. When Kevin speaks, those events are promoted on the  Price of Business Show and US Daily Review.

Want Kevin to speak to your next event? Email   

Kevin Price Reporting From Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco, California

Kevin Price will be reporting daily from San Francisco, California, both at 1110 AM KTEK, which is Bloomberg’s home in Houston, TX on the Price of Business show and at US Daily Review.  The best way to keep up to date is by checking out that feed here. Thanks to Venkatesh Babu of Tiera Consulting for providing technology analysis to Kevin Price through out the week.  Babu and Tiara or known internationally as leaders in technology.