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Kevin Speaking to Over 10,000

Kevin Speaking to Over 10,000

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, speaks to over 10,000 people in Houston, Texas about how the government has “gone wild.” It is “on auto-pilot” and violates the principles it was founded on. Price is a nationally syndicated columnist, radio host, and publisher of a national news site (US Daily Review).

Kevin Price to Speak at 2nd Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference

Kevin Price has just committed to be a panelist at the 2nd Amendment Foundation’s Gun Rights Policy Conference in Houston, Texas. He will be discussing one of his favorite topics, “Countering Media Bias.” Kevin has spoken on this topic many times over the years and looks forward to being a part of this event. His panel will be on Sep. 29th, in the morning at the  Marriott Hotel Houston, TX Airport (George Bush Airport). 

This is one of several speeches Kevin has scheduled in the months to come and that he does annually. If you want to learn more about having Kevin speak to your event, email