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Kevin Price, Back on Fox Business “Follow the Money

Eric Bolling helps viewers "Follow the Money."

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review is making his second appearance in two weeks on the popular Fox Business show, Follow the Money, featuring Eric Bolling.  He will be on 9 pm CST on Monday, January 23rd.  Kevin Price said, “I do many shows both nationally and regionally around the country, but those affiliated with Fox are among my favorite.”

On his last appearance Price discussed the problems with the Chevy Volt and discussed an interesting story about a very self sufficient young lady who wrote a book entitled “Girl Hunter.” Topics for Monday’s and next week’s show are yet to be determined.  Don’t forget you can also catch price Monday through Friday on the Price of Business at 8 pm CST

Kevin Price on Fox Business

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show in Houston, Texas was recently a guest on the very popular, Follow the Money show on the Fox Business Network with Eric Bolling.  On it, Price discussed the new book Girl Hunter as well as the many problems with the Chevy Volt.  

Price is scheduled to be on again Monday, January 14th from 9 to 10 pm CST.  If you don’t have the Fox Business Network, ask your cable provider to make it available. Watch one of those two segments here: