Others are Talking

Kevin Price has interviewed presidential candidates, members of Congress, actors, and leading media personalities.  Here are a few examples of what others are saying about Kevin Price:

“Kevin Price has the ability to move the blogosphere. Also, he is one of the best business talk show hosts in the country.” Eric Bolling of Fox Business

“Kevin Price is the best business radio show host in the country.” Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal

“I love what you are doing with your program, Kevin, you are very smart.” Liz MacDonald, Fox News and Fox Business.

About Kevin Price’s Book Empowerment to the People

Kevin Price Reminds us that it is, after all, our ideas — school choice, family tax relief, privatization of public housing, and so forth — that place power back into the hands of the citizenry.”  Dick Armey, Member of Congress, Retired.

Empowerment to the People combines the passion and directness of a manifesto with the reason and precision of a scholarly work.”  James Pinkerton, Fox News

“Kevin Price’s compelling Empowerment to the People (is for our times) Patrick Henry’s ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ was to the 1770s.  Empowerment to the People is more than a title — it is a conservative war cry.  Price’s imagery is imaginative; his message critical, his arguments persuasive and butressed by facts.  Everyone who votes should read this book.”  Amy Moritz, President of the National Center for Public Policy Research.


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