Kevin Price

Kevin Price gives numerous speeches every year.

Kevin Price is Host of the Price of Business on News Talk 1070 KNTH, M-F at 8 pm CST; a nationally syndicated columnist, a guest on radio and TV shows around the country, author, and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review (a national news site).  He is frequently found on Fox News, Fox Business, and other programs.

Kevin Price’s background is eclectic and includes years of experience in both business and public policy, as well as two decades of experience in broadcast journalism. He was an aide to U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) and later went on to work in policy areas with some of the nation’s leading think tanks including the National Center for Public Policy Research and was part of the Heritage Foundation’s Annual Guide to Public Policy Experts.Kevin Price is also a prolific writer, posting several times a week at his critically acclaimed blog and having authored The Debt Crisis and You and the public policy best seller,Empowerment to the People. The latter book was described by former House Republican leader Dick Armey as a contributing factor to Republicans taking the U.S. House in 1994. His articles appear in some of the nation’s most prestigious publications and websites, including Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, and several other national media.

While as a Senior Fellow with the American Economic Foundation, Kevin Price traveled to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union conducting seminars on how to convert their economies from Marxist to free markets. Two of his speeches were published in Vital Speeches of the Day, and he has twice received the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, both in communications.Kevin Price’s speeches have been used as part of the curricula for universities in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary and have been distributed by the U.S. State Department for publication throughout former Communist regimes.In addition, Kevin has years of business experience in the marketing, media, and insurance industries, and brings that experience to every radio show and article. He has also been a senior executive in the venture capital field.Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal calls Kevin Price “the best host in business news on the radio.” Eric Bolling of Fox Business and Fox News says that Price “has the power to move the blogosphere.” His is ranked in the top 1 percent of all blogs (over 133 million) according to He has a BA degree in history from Abilene Christian University.

He hosts the popular “Price of Business” on Bloomberg’s home in Houston, Texas. Born on December 18,1961 in Detroit, MI.


  • Radio host, US Daily Review Publisher/Editor in Chief, syndicated columnist, TV personality


  • Price of Business Show on Bloomberg’s Home in Houston Texas, syndicated columnist, TV personality, present


  1. Your Column about Sen. Rand Paul as VP is an astute political observation that no one in media, so far has picked up. Ron Paul knows the GOP voters are not ready to nominate him. He is cultivating the grass-roots database that Sen. Rand Paul will need for 2016 primary run, if 2012 Romney-Rand Paul ticket fails and jockeying for Sen. Rand Paul as VP slot at the Tampa Convention, with his sizable share of delegates to pressure Romney for the Rand pick.
    Rest is media charade.

  2. Thank you, I hope you leave this comment at its original source:

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