Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Continued Growth of US Daily Review

US Daily Review continues to grow in influence, according to Here is the latest data:

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Technorati Authority: 436
Rank: 3935
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Business Authority: 103
Rank: 1815
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Politics Authority: 160
Rank: 1036
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Living Authority: 83
Rank: 7643
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Green Authority: 126
Rank: 750
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U.S. Politics Authority: 154
Rank: 723
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World Authority: 136
Rank: 694
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Small Business Authority: 1
Rank: 5275
This ranking is out of 117 million blogs and USDR is now in the to 5,000.  The site adds over 300 original articles each month and is must reading!

Kevin Price’s How Many Revolts Required, Available in Paperback

Kevin Price’s new book, How Many Revolts Required, is now available in paperback for only $4.50.

This book is the perfect overview of today’s most pressing issues through the perspective of liberty. It takes the moral high ground and shows that progressive policies keep people poor and benefit the supper wealthy. It is the perfect tool for waging and winning the war of ideas against the left. The recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, this book is must reading. Because of its short length and easy to read style, you will want to give it away to your friends and loved ones.

Get more information about it and order it today!