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The Growing Influence of US Daily Review

We recently checked the status of our favorite news site, US Daily Review, on Technorati, and we were impressed by its enormous growth in influence.

Based on over 117 million blogs, take a look at where USDR ranks:

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Technorati Authority: 120
Rank: 15174
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Business Authority: 110
Rank: 4572
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Politics Authority: 107
Rank: 1766
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Living Authority: 113
Rank: 12340
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Green Authority: 115
Rank: 1504
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U.S. Politics Authority: 108
Rank: 1037
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Health Authority: 119
Rank: 1863
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Small Business Authority: 1
Rank: 5412

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15,174 our of 117 million and quickly approaching the top 1,000 in both US politics and politics in general.  We strongly suggest considering sponsorship.