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Kevin Price at the 2012 Texas Red Conference…One Week Away!

Kevin Price speaking at a YR event in 2011.

Kevin Price will be speaking about “Developing Positive Relationships with the Media” but it will cover more than the typical “warm and fuzzy” approaches of dealing with the media that have become quite stale. He will talk about the imperative for conservative youth to “take make” the media and how to hold it accountable.  If you want more information about this important event coming up on February 3 and 4 in Dallas, visit here.’

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Up coming Media Appearances for Kevin Price

Kevin has several events on the week of January 23, including:

Wednesday, January 25, 7:00 p.m. CST – AVR – 1 hour – Pastor Dan Catlin Mission Watch based out of Witchita, KS (on several stations)

Thursday, January 26, 3.10 p.m CST, 580 AM KMJ – Fresno, CA
Friday 27th – 7:50 a.m. CST WIZM – LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Monday, January 30, 650 KGAB in Cheyenne, WY to interview Kevin at 10:07 am CST on Monday, January 30th
Most of these interviews will be in support of Kevin’s book, “How Many Revolts Required.”   Get your FREE copy of this public policy best seller, endorsed by Dick Armey and many other leaders of the Tea Party movement… Click here to get your copy!

ABC Continues to Play “Gotcha” Games

By Kevin Price.

ABC’s popular reality show, “What Would You Do?” (with John Quinones) took a jab this week at GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.  This came just a couple of days after the network’s interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife, which included a claim that the former House Speaker wanted an “open marriage.” The “What Would You Do?” episode didn’t take a cheap shot at Gingrich’s personal life, but instead attempted, in this writer’s opinion, to embarrass the candidate when it comes to a policy that the candidate holds dear and seems to resonate well with conservative audiences.

If you have watched Speaker Gingrich for long, you know about his views regarding breaking the cycle of poverty and instilling an excellent work ethic in young people.  He says things such as “we should shut down the public janitorial unions around the country that our busting the budgets of schools and replace them with students who would work after school to gain some money, experience, and the character to be a successful adult” (this is a paraphrase). Instead of being resistant to such a statement, many audiences give him standing ovations.

I believe Gingrich’s view was irritating to the predominantly liberal media and I think they were bewildered by the audience’s reaction. “Maybe if they saw the policy in…(read more)

Welcome to the Personal Home of Kevin Price

Welcome to the Home of Kevin Price

Author, Radio Host, Columnist, and Publisher

Author, Radio Host, Columnist, and Publisher

Kevin Price is Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK, M-F at 7 am CST; a nationally syndicated columnist, a guest on radio and TV shows around the country, author, and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review (a national news site).  He hosts a video commentary called the Price Point Edition, which is on sites with a combined audience of 30 million a month. He also writes a technology feature for the Huffington Post. He is frequently found on Fox News, Fox Business, and other programs.

If you would like to contact Kevin Price to have him speak to your organization, advertise, or if you want to learn how to be more involved with his media, visit here.

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Kevin Price, Back on Fox Business “Follow the Money

Eric Bolling helps viewers "Follow the Money."

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review is making his second appearance in two weeks on the popular Fox Business show, Follow the Money, featuring Eric Bolling.  He will be on 9 pm CST on Monday, January 23rd.  Kevin Price said, “I do many shows both nationally and regionally around the country, but those affiliated with Fox are among my favorite.”

On his last appearance Price discussed the problems with the Chevy Volt and discussed an interesting story about a very self sufficient young lady who wrote a book entitled “Girl Hunter.” Topics for Monday’s and next week’s show are yet to be determined.  Don’t forget you can also catch price Monday through Friday on the Price of Business at 8 pm CST

Kevin Price Emcees at Texas “Saddle UP” Straw Poll

Kevin Price was the emcee on much of Saturday for the 3 day “Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.”  During his session he introduced Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, US Senate candidate and nationally known rising star, Ted Cruz, as well as US Congressman Joe Barton, plus many others.  Mary Huls of the Clear Lake Tea Party and one of the coordinator of the events thanked Kevin Price “for helping to make it a huge success.”  If you are interested in having Kevin Price speak to your organization, email JP Williams handles much of Kevin’s speaking schedule.

Below is a picture of Kevin Price introducing one of the speakers:

Kevin Price to Emcee “Saddle Up Texas” Straw Poll

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, will be the Emcee on Saturday, January 14 at the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.  Many national and regional political leaders will be at the event.  In addition to introducing speakers, expect Kevin to strive to keep the audience entertained and informed. To get more information about the event, visit:

Kevin Price on Fox Business

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show in Houston, Texas was recently a guest on the very popular, Follow the Money show on the Fox Business Network with Eric Bolling.  On it, Price discussed the new book Girl Hunter as well as the many problems with the Chevy Volt.  

Price is scheduled to be on again Monday, January 14th from 9 to 10 pm CST.  If you don’t have the Fox Business Network, ask your cable provider to make it available. Watch one of those two segments here: