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Kevin Price to Be a Guest on Fox Business

Kevin Price will be a guest on the Fox Business network during his visit to New York on the first week of January 2012.  The exact day and other details are pending. Visit here for more details.

Kevin Price to Report from New York City

Kevin will be in New York City in the first week of January and will be reporting from the Big Apple.  The trip is sponsored in part by  Rather than the hard hitting stories he is noted for, Kevin will be talking about the sites and entertainment of the nation’s largest city.  No doubt he will also be talking about the election returns from Iowa with Chris Kelso, who will be guest hosting next week. To keep track of Kevin’s escapades follow and for stories.

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USDR Breaks Major Penn State Sex Abuse Story

Everyone seems familiar with the Penn State sex abuse scandal that relates to a former assistant coach. However, most are not aware that this is not the only major sex abuse case related to State.  The US Daily Review, which Kevin Price is the Publisher and Editor of, broke the following story which is still largely ignored by other media:

The National Center for Victims of Crime today reported that from 2001 to 2002, a victim of sexual abuse by a Penn State education professor tried unsuccessfully to alert administration officials about the abuse. Rather than investigate the victim’s account and hold the abuser accountable, Penn State officials refused to act.

Paul McLaughlin of Phoenix, Arizona, was 11 years old when the sexual abuse by a Penn State education professor and two other men began. The abuse took place for four years in four states, including Pennsylvania, until 1981. Twenty years later, as he was recovering from the psychological damage caused by the abuse, McLaughlin reported the abuse to officials at Penn State, where the professor was still employed. The university declined to investigate his charges, and McLaughlin could not seek justice in the Pennsylvania criminal or civil justice systems because the statute of limitations had expired.

“Although I had clear evidence of abuse by this professor, the university refused to act,” said McLaughlin, who now advocates for better laws and policies to protect abuse victims. “At the time I was abused, there were no policies or safeguards in place at the university to prevent this kind of crime. Last week’s arrest of Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky for the same kind of abuse suggests that little has changed. At Penn State and other institutions, witnesses can just ignore abusers, leaving them free to abuse children again and again.”

“For too long, institutions have sought to protect their reputations by ignoring allegations of abuse,” said Mai Fernandez, executive director of the National Center for Victims of Crime. “Instead of explaining away or covering up these allegations, institutions can actually protect themselves and the people who depend on them by rooting out abusers and adopting policies to prevent abuse.”

Institutions must act to protect themselves from harboring predators and to hold abusers accountable. Above all, they must launch a massive culture change that openly condemns abuse, requires reporting, and fosters responsibility. Otherwise, witnesses will continue to avoid reporting because they fear the personal… (read more)

Get a Free Copy of Kevin Price’s New Book, How Many Revolts Required?

Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review, wrote a book entitled “Empowerment to the People” (published by the Free Congress Foundation) in the 1990s.  That book was a public policy bestseller and was instrumental in contributing to the conservative revolution of 1994.  Rep. Dick Armey, who was the House Republican leader at the time the book was published (and is now the President ofFreedomWorks) bought a copy of it and gave it to every Republican running for Congress.  Armey and others said that book contributed to the Contract with America.  The book covers most domestic policy issues in a concise but powerful manner and is perfect for the untold number of people who have recently joined the Tea Party movement, but are seeking a better understanding of policy issues.

The book has now been updated, comparing the situations between 1994 with 2011, it considers the rise of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, and is a fun and informative read.  Amy Ridenour of theNational Center for Public Policy Research describes the book as a “manifesto” that reminds one of Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death.” James Pinkerton of Fox News said that it is a book with the “passion” of a manifesto, but “buttressed with facts.”  This book is must reading and is available for free upon request.  Requesting the book will have you automatically subscribe to US Daily Review’s weekly ezine.  Order it by emailing  It will be released in approximately two weeks, so be in line to receive it immediately!

Special thanks to for their support of this updated version.