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Kevin Price is Finishing Up “How Many Revolts Required?”

In 1993 Kevin Price wrote a public policy bestseller entitled “Empowerment to the People.”  The book had a huge impact as House Majority Leader, Dick Armey got a copy for every Republican nominee for Congress.  Many of those members said it played a direct role in getting elected and it led to a GOP majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in decades in 1994.  The book was published by the Free Congress Foundation.

The environment for a revolt is stronger now than in 1993 when the book was originally written, and Price has been working to get that book up to date and it will soon be released by December 2011.  It will be available at no cost to subscribers of and is the perfect gift for people just becoming familiar with the ideas of liberty.  If you want to make sure you are in line to get this important book, make sure you go to US Daily Review and get your free subscription to its weekly ezine!


Kevin Price has New Television Show in Development

Kevin Price is working to develop a new television show with the Entrepreneur Broadcast Corporation (EBC) that will be political in focus. Details of the program have not been released, but it will strive to “change the way people influence the political environment.”  The show will start from day one in a minimum of 20 million homes around the country.  It will be on channels in Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and many other major cities.  In addition, every show will be available via streaming online.

Price said “People have been asking me whether I was going to do a national TV program for years in light of my work with nationally syndicated shows across the country and my appearances on Fox News, this show is something I have long looked forward to and the timing is perfect in light of the nation’s concern about the direction of the country.  In addition, it will not be ‘just another’ public affairs program, but promises to create a paradigm shift in this TV genre.”  Get more information about Kevin Price’s show, including when it will be launched and sponsorship opportunities by writing