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Great Feedback on US Daily Review

Felicia Cravens, a leader in the Tea Party movement both nationally and locally in Houston, had the following to say about US Daily Review: “This new site has a diverse group of contributors (myself included) offering news and opinion.  I include it not only to promote other places I’m writing (though you should check out my social media series there) but because I know some of the authors and they do tremendous work.  You might make this one a daily stop, like the title says.”

Cravens is an up and coming writer, with regular contributions in many national news websites, she is also a frequent and popular guest on the Price of Business radio show.



US Daily Review’s Growing Influence

It started only 2 months ago, but the new website has enjoyed tens of thousands of unique visitors, thousands of comments and, already, hundreds of articles. “I’m amazed at how quickly this project — US Daily Review — has caught on and how it has received the attention of so many,” says Kevin Price, publisher of the news website.  “It is a risky proposition,” he went on to say, “after all there are so many places out there where people can find news and information.  Furthermore, it is even more ‘dangerous’ when you consider we are trying to make a site that is open to more than a singular worldview. Good writing first, ideology second.”

Every day there are new stories covering a plethora of topics, including politics (of course), history, business, lifestyle, culture, humor, and more. 

If you are interested in contributing to the website, feel free to write us at We will be glad to hear from you. Also, if you have ideas for regular features, stories, etc., we want to hear from you.