Kevin Price Releases New Report: The US in Crisis

Kevin Price has released a new report made up of four articles by he has written,  Price, an award winning journalist and Host of the Price of Business and Publisher of US Daily Review.  In his report he focuses on the state of the United States economy.  The one thread seen throughout these report is that the government seems to be purposefully undermining the US economy and creating crisis.  This is not done in a conspiratorial manner, but as an overt form of public policy as seen in remarks by the former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, current Attorney General Eric Holder, and former US Senator Christopher Dodd.

In the first two articles that follow, Price defines what he calls “Obama’s Domestic Doctrine.”  This doctrine seems to drive the entire public policy process of the Obama Administration.  In a country like the United States it is impossible to go from normalcy to the type of absolutism this government seems to be pursuing. In spite of Benjamin Franklin’s warning that “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither,” it appears there are plenty of Americans willing to make that trade. It also seems everything the Administration addresses turns into chaos and that is typically addressed with control – the ultimate objective of the Obama government.

We see crisis in virtually every area of the economy and now (as article three points out), inflation has become an overt policy of the federal government, designed to “encourage” people to spend more and to do it quickly while their money still “has value.”  It has not worked in the past and promises to only create chaos today.

In the fourth article Price addresses what he calls the “monetary tax.”  He argues this should be the real name for inflation. The people see inflation as little more than “high prices” and fail to see the real damage that comes from it.  In this piece he clearly shows what inflation is and how people should fight it both politically and personally.

Receive your free copy of Kevin Price’s report by emailing him at and put “monetary tax” in the subject line. To keep up with Kevin’s articles and activities subscribe to his ezine at the Price of Business website.

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