Kevin Price is doing a national radio show “tour”

Thanks to the power of good old telephones, Kevin Price is “touring” the country talking about his change of stations, the up coming launch of his new website (, and is discussing the GOP’s approach to taxes and the debt.

In the past week Kevin Price was on the syndicated Buy Back America program, which is on several markets around the country.  Kevin was on that program for over an hour discussing the debt crisis, GOP chances in 2012, and much more.  On Friday Kevin Price was on the nationally syndicated “News and Views” program which is in over 120 markets around the country including every major city.  For over 30 minutes Price took the GOP to task for its poor handling of the debt crisis.  Of course he recognizes that the Democrats behavior is bad too, but he expects the GOP to know better.  For more information on what he was discussing, see  On Sunday, July 31st, Price will continue to discuss the debt situation on WBT in Charlotte, NC (7.30 AM CST) and on Monday he will be on KMED in Medford, OR at 9.30 AM CST.

Those interested in interviewing Kevin Price should contact

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